Internal Audit


The sector is currently staffed with 5 members i.e. the Principal Internal Auditor, 2 Internal Auditors and 2 Examiners of Accounts.

The sector is well stocked with data processing and storage equipment. The sector currently has 5 functional computers which helps in processing information. However the unit lacks adequate storage facilities and transport to help them do their work better.


  • Review the financial and accounting systems in operation in each department and establishment of the administration to ensure that they are adequate, effective and conform to the provisions of LGFAR and the Internal Audit Manual.
  • Audit revenue collection to ensure that all monies due to the administration are collected and banked or otherwise accounted for in accordance to the regulations.
  • Audit Procurement Procedures and Payments to ensure that all goods, services and works are properly ordered, received, examined and paid for and that value for money as an objective of procurement is achieved.
  • Conduct man power audits.
  • Audit stores, assets and other property owned or in the care of the administration to ensure safe custody and their efficient and economic usage and disposal.
  • Conduct value for money audits