Human Resource Sector


Currently, the sector comprises of 10 staff who manage both functions of the sector.  A number of functions have been devolved at the district Level that include, Salary processing and payments, Pension and Gratuity payments, approve of payment of duty allowances, recruitment on replacement basis and performance management functions. The above function calls for well-staffed and re-tooled human resource sector

The sector is constrained by the continued inadequacy of resources thus some activities have not been implemented as planned. The sector does not have sufficient office space to accommodate all staff to enable them provide their services from a conducive environment.


  • To ensure maintaince of the approved numbers of staff on the payroll.
  • To tender technical advice to the chief administrative officer on matters of human resource management.
  • To build capacity of all staff in the district and other development partners.
  • To coordinate the performance appraisal system in the district.
  • To coordinate recruitment, retention and exit of staff from service.
  • To develop and spearhead the implementation of district training policy
  • To ensure proper records management in the district
  • To receive and dispatch all correspondences to and from the district
  • To file and update records.
  • To computerize all district records.
  • To offer technical advice to CAO on records management.