Administration department



As per the Local government act section (36), The Administration and management department is headed by the Deputy Chief administrative officer who is a member of District technical planning committee which is chaired by the chief administrative officer.

The department works closely with the chief administrative officer by providing technical support to ensure smooth operations.

Mission of the department.

To supervise the civil service in the District to implement policies and programmes of the central and local government and ensure proper use and accountability of resources.


  • To supervise, monitor, coordinate and advise on the implementation of activities of the higher and lower local governments and ensure accountability and transparency in the management and delivery of council’s services.
  • To develop capacity and manage the planning process for balanced development in the district.
  • To initiate formulation of policy and implementation of lawful council decisions.
  • To coordinate proper management of the human resource in the district.
  • Promote safety and proper upkeep of all council assets and records.
  • To provide the link between the local and the central government.
  • Spearheading the process geared towards eliminating poverty in the district through Wealth for all programme.
  • Undertake vital registrations in the lower local Governments
  • Participate in maintenance of law and order in the entire district
  • Promote public private partnership in public service delivery and development in the district.



The sector is well staffed at the district headquarters and in the lower local governments being headed by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.

The sector currently has no vehicle since the only one which was there broke down. This makes it a challenge to achieve the role of coordinating activities in the entire district by the officers at the headquarters. Most of the Lower Local Governments equally have transport facilities since the motorcycles they received in 2008 have become worn out and broken down. This hinders the Officers at the LLGs to perform their duties effectively.

The sector has office space at the district headquarters and all LLGs have offices apart from one (Bulidha Sub County) which is still utilizing rented premises which does not give a conducive environment for workers.The sector also has a number of office tools and equipment at the headquarters.