Independence Day celebrations

13 Nov

Independence Day celebrations


The Resident District Commissioner for Bugiri District, Mr. Kamugisha Vincent has called upon the parents in Bugiri district to support their children attain the best education. He said this during the Independence Day celebrations which took place on Tuesday 31st October 2017 at Iwemba Primary School in Bugiri District which he presided over as the Guest of Honor.


He said that the Education standards are not improving as expected because the parents where partly not doing their responsibility in providing requirements and feeding the children while at schools. He added that much as teachers try to play their role, they cannot achieve much when teaching hungry children.


He further thanked development partners whom he said where supporting government improve on service delivery adding that the Nutrition multi sectoral projecting operating in 100 schools in Bugiri would go a long way in handling nutrition issues among the children.


He called upon parents to educate their children to get skills and not jobs adding that if the children get skills, they would join or even start personal businesses rather than spending a lot of time looking for jobs.


He cautioned teachers about abseentism, encouraging them to play their role to their best when they go schools.


The District Chairman, Hajji Azalwa. B. Malijan observed that he expected the status of roads in the District to improve noting that the costs of construction would go down with the road equipment that the district received from the Ministry.

He called upon civil servants to continuing serving diligently as government works at reviewing their salaries. He informed the people that the Minister of Local government had communicated about the forthcoming Town Councils of Namayemba, Busowa and Nankoma adding that he expected the Chief Administrative Officer to post staff on assignment to start those administrative units.

He thanked all stakeholders who played a role in ensuring that Bugiri district gets those new Town Councils.

The Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Kaija Ruhweza Samuel observed that government was determined to offer quality education to the Ugandan children. He said that each parish in Bugiri had a Primary School and he had submitted to the Ministry the four (4) sub Counties without secondary schools for further action to be taken. He encouraged the people to participate and benefit from government programmes like Operation Wealth Creation, Youth livelihood programme and Uganda Women Empowerment Programme among others.


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